The Secret to Perfect Nails

Are you ready to end the battle against roughening natural nails for good? Then discover the revolution in nail care with the IBX Boost Gel and Base Duo Pack. This innovative base coat sets the standard for perfection and convenience, with its advanced formula and fast curing.
Discover the features that make the IBX Boost Gel and Base Duo Pack unique:
Lightning-fast Curing: Don't waste valuable time anymore on long waiting times. The IBX Boost Gel cures in just 1 minute under both UV and LED light, so you can immediately enjoy beautifully painted nails.

Long Lasting Beauty: Enjoy a manicure that lasts up to 3 weeks. The IBX Boost Gel and Base Duo Pack extends the life of your Gel Polish, so your nails always look perfect.

Flexibility and Strength: Strong nails without stiffness. The IBX Boost Gel maintains the natural flexibility of your nails, while strengthening them and protecting them from damage .

Easy Removal: No more hassle removing your nail polish. The IBX Boost Gel and Base Duo Pack are easy to wipe off, without damage to your natural nails.

Perfection with Convenience: Thanks to its advanced formula, the IBX Boost Gel evens itself during application, for an effortless and professional result.
      Choose the IBX Boost Gel and Base Duo Pack and discover the ultimate secret for perfect nails. Transform your nail routine and enjoy long-lasting beauty.
      Curious about more? View our range and experience the benefits of the IBX Boost Gel and Base Duo Pack for yourself. Your perfect nails are within reach!
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