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CND Nail File Kanga Board 240/240

CND Nail File Kanga Board 240/240

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CND File Kanga Board 240/240 - The Kanga Board is a professional file designed for refining and shaping natural and artificial nails. With a maple core, this file offers more subtle control, speed and flexibility. The CND Nail File Kanga Board 240/240 is a reliable choice for precise nail care.


Wood fiber composite, Abrasive material: Aluminum oxide grains, Silicon carbide, Binder: Polyurethane glue, Buffer layer (optional): Microfibers, Ergonomic handle (optional): Thermoplastic rubber, Protective coating (optional): Acrylic resin


1. Use the 240-grit side for shaping and smoothing nails. 2. Gently move in one direction to achieve the desired shape. 3. Clean after use and store in a dry place. 4. Use only as directed for nail care.
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